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VHF RF Matrix

The VHF RF Matrix unit can be integrated into a Mobile Communication Simulator

that supports communication simulators, for stations participating in tactical nets and

communicating via VHF radio equipment.

HBSM (High Band Switching Matrix)


The HBSM unit is used in an airborne System.

The HBSM is a complex phase match switch matrix that selects from 6 separate

source groups and puts out 4 inputs to one group of 4 outputs simultaneously.

Dual X- Band Transciever


The Dual X-Band transceiver is a MIC, RF Head of a Radar System.

FEM (Front End Module)

Designed to provide full duplex or one-way half duplex data and

video communication between Ground Control Station (GCS),

manned or unmanned Air Vehicles (AV).



SP3T WR-90 HH is a PIN diode switch that combines low loss and high

isolation performance with an integral TTL driver, in one compact package

L- Band Power Amplifier


The 1311A Power Amplifier is a class C, four stage pulsed Power Amplifier,

covering the frequency range of 1.2 - 1.4 GHz.