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ATA-2100 (Altimeter Test Assembly)

A stand-alone, compact portable, end-to-end tester

The ATA 2000 is a stand-alone, compact portable, end-to-end tester, dedicated to testing airborne altimeters at the flight line level (and the A, B levels).


The ATA 2000 enables a single operator to perform an end-to-end test from the transmit antenna to the receive antenna through the cockpit display.


MicroKim's ATA 2000 provides complete test and analysis, eliminating the need for additional equipment.


The ATA 2000 is connected to the Altimeter transceiver RF cables or to the Altimeter transmitting and receiving antennas using absorbing couplers.


Key Features

The following Altimeter test-procedures are offered by the ATA2100:


Complete Altimeter System test - this end-to-end test includes checking all elements: Transceiver, Height-Indicator and Antennas.


Direct RF Coupling – Bypassing Antennas - this test checks the Transceiver, RF lines, and Height-Indicator.


Direct Connection to a transceiver - this test checks the transceiver and Height-Indicator.

Tested Features

  • Transmitted Power: Peak Power measurement and display

  • Receiver Sensitivity

  • Height Simulation and Verification: (50, 100, 500 and 1500 Ft.)

  • Test Frequency: 4.3 GHz

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