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Build to Spec

Our expertise helps product developers and provide specialized solutions to a wide variety of application

MicroKim has over 50 years of operational experience in providing cutting-edge embedded design and development, build to specification (BTS) and system engineering services for a wide range of electronic applications.


MicroKim’s build to spec engineering expertise helps product developers and provide specialized solutions to a wide variety of applications like Aerospace, Defense, Industrial Automation, etc.

Over the past 50 years, the company has acquired priceless experience in both BUILD- TO- SPEC and BUILD- TO- PRINT projects which have proven to be invaluable to our clients over the years.


MicroKim expert team of engineers drive the seamless transition of a Build to Spec design to an end system using state-of-the-art toolsets, design, and technology.

Our expertise in handling the most complex Build to Specification designs and systems issues, for a wide variety of defense electronics applications, makes us the preferred design partner for product developers who are looking at developing new, futuristic, next-generation intelligent devices that enhance the quality of life and provides exemplary user experience.

MicroKim experience in designing, building and deploying customized Build to Spec and Build to Print solutions for aerospace and defense electronics applications that integrate multi-vendor COTS, custom software and hardware engineering and has made us the partner of choice for the top leading Defense labs and organizations.

MicroKim's Manufacturing Services:

  • MIC assemblies include - Finnish infrastructure soldering, gluing components and wiring (bonding Chip & Wire)

  • Systems integration services

  • Prototypes and golden unit Assembly

  • Manual assembling of PWB (Printed Wiring Board) - SMD & TH

  • Electrical tests for components and Systems

  • Coaxial, Semi-Rigid and flexible cable manufacturing

  • Gross Leak Tests

  • Environmental tests include temperature circles and small systems vibration

  • Providing solutions for development/start-up companies- moving from developing to manufacturing

  • Providing training and IPC-A-610E Certification by a qualified consultant

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