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Model 7738L

A a compact, broadband frequency source

The DTO/Synthesizer module is a compact, broadband frequency source, covering the frequency range of 2.0 to 18 GHz. In DTO mode, the unit features Linear Control, exhibiting frequency settling times of less than 1uSec, while in synthesizer mode frequency accuracy and stability of better than 1.5PPM is achieved. The ovenized internal VCOs assure repeatability under ambient temperature conditions.


Key Features

  • Linear Control at DTO mode

  • Fast Tuning

  • Low Post Tuning Drift

  • Low Spurious

  • Heater Power Control Switch

  • Phase-Locked Loop For High Stability- Optional

  • Lock Indication

  • FM Linearized Modulation

  • Chain Connection Option

  • Revers and Transient Protection

  • Latched Data Option

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