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An RF Outdoor Unit Transceiver for Point-to-Point communication

The ODU-8501A is an RF ODU (Outdoor Unit) Transceiver for Point-to-Point communication.


It is designed for High Data Rate operating with one antenna for full-duplex operation in different modulation formats including BPSK, QPSK, SPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM.


The ODU-8501A is a compact ODU that comprises of Up/Down Converter, Power Supply, PA (Power Amplifier), Filter-Duplexer and low phase noise synthesizers.


It has a built-in monitor and control for remote and local monitoring and control. It can be used either as a stationary/mobile terminal or a Repeater station.

ODU front 1.png

Key Features

  • Broadband data transmission

  • Easy installation & configuration

  • Built-in monitor and control

  • Built-in image rejection filter (Duplexer)

  • Output power monitoring

  • A very stable OCXO reference oscillator

  • TX/RX level monitoring

  • TX Power control

  • Temperature monitoring

  • Voltages monitoring

  • Frequencies control

  • Automatic fault identification


  • Hub and VSAT terminals

  • Repeater station

  • Rural telephony

  • Video conferencing

  • Emergency link restoration

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