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A family of light-weight, compact, man-portable Radar Signal Simulators

The RSS–2000 is a family of light-weight, compact, man-portable Radar Signal Simulators and EW test units designed for flight line and lab operation.


A single operator can perform a complete Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) or EW check of the entire system from the antenna through the cockpit display.


The system has proved to be extremely reliable and user-friendly, both for operation and programming of threat scenarios.


Key Features

  • All emitters can be PRI, PW, and FREQ Agile

  • Dual Beam, pulse-on-pulse, pulse-on-CW simulation

  • Man-portable rugged package

  • Battery operation from 1-3 hours

  • Built-in antennas for flight-line, shipboard, and pier-side radiation

  • Coupled or radiated outputs

  • Minimum +23 dBm coupled-mode


  • End-to-end ESM/ECM system integrity test: Flight-Line, Shipboard, Pier side

  • Critical emitters library validation

  • Maintenance shop tool in coupled output mode

  • On-board EW trainer for shipboard or A/C pods

  • Low-level exciter for range or airborne emitter simulator

  • Optional remote operation for decoy applications

Additional Features

  • Transmits simultaneous multi-threats in both CW and pulses

  • Variety of pulse patterns available

  • Fully computerized and keyboard operated

  • Pre-programming of selected threat signals

  • Output power enables directional threat testing around aircraft

  • Controlled output power with attenuation steps

  • Battery operated or 115/230 VAC

  • Automatic or Manual modes of operation

  • Full solid-state construction

  • Built-in-Test (BIT) circuitry, with On-Line Monitoring

  • Easily maintainable, using removable, plug-in modules

  • Durable and ruggedized to withstand severe environmental conditions, based on Standards for Combat Field Test Equipment

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