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VHF RF Matrix

A radio simulator which operates in VHF frequency range.

The VHF RF Matrix is a radio simulator which operates in VHF frequency range. The unit features 10 RF input/output ports which are connected to the VHF radio equipment. For each RF input/output port, the unit delivers a different RF signal. The signal level defined in the VHF radio receiving station simulates the system's actual reaction and the displayes status to different signal reception conditions (signal level, correctness/incorrectness of the received data). Two or more stations may participate in one tactical net (different frequencies). In this configuration, more than one station can transmit simultaneously. The VHF radio connections are defined between stations in the same tactical net (the station connections in other tactical nets are irrelevant).


Key Features

  • Supports 10 input/output RF channels

  • Provides remote controlled RF attenuation between all inputs/outputs

  • Includes a Serial Control Channel connecting to the host computer

  • Rack-mounted

  • Operation within the defined specifications (including cables and external attenuators) without need for additional calibrations


The VHF RF Matrix unit can be integrated into a Mobile Communication Simulator that supports communication simulators, for stations participating in tactical nets and communicating via VHF radio equipment. The stations are located nearby, while the Mobile Communication Simulator simulates as if they are stationed in remote geographical locations. The Mobile Communication Simulator contains up to 4 VHF RF Matrix units (10 RF channels each).​

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